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Westwood Dental has 5 conveniently located locations across Houston. We have been offering Houston patients cutting-edge dental care  for 25 years, thanks to a caring staff, top dentists, and our dedication to the latest in dental technology. We strive to keep our equipment up-to-date and pride ourselves on keeping abreast of new dental treatments andtechniques. We’re dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable, both by offering them the finest contemporary dentist’s office comforts and by taking the time to explain the pros and cons of each procedure.

Within the busy city of Houston Texas, we are a departure from the usual. Upon arrival you will notice our considerately calm and comfortable atmosphere. Our family of patients arrive and relax as they may surf the internet or listen to music in our reception area. We do not refer to this as the “waiting room” because we respect your schedule; we run on time. Our comfortable dental chairs and gentle touch have lulled many a patient to sleep, YES during their dental visit. Within Houston you will find this attention to detail in many places, however in the dental world…well, this is why we say you will “Experience the Difference”.

Westwood Dentists:

Jasmine Naderi, DDSLarry Brock, DDS
Craig Clarke, DDSAmber Chu Prazan DDS, Board Certified Endodonist
Janus Jean de Cunae DDSJohn Pike, DDS
Terry Treistman, DDSAnas Halaweh, DDS, MS Board Certified Periodontist
Zehra Abbas, DDSJoe Eckford, DDS



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